Happy Dancing

Happy Dancing

Friday, August 6, 2010


Here's a card I made from an idea presented in the May/June 2010 Paper Crafts magazine. I am the absolute Queen of ribbon collecting and this card was a perfect way  to put a (very slight) dent in my stash of ribbons! (See a portion of my ribbon infatuation HERE.) 

To create your own version of this card, start with a piece of 2" x 6" long black cardstock then: 

  • Fold one end of a 2" long segment of ribbon in half and cut at an angle to create a banner-type end on the ribbon --- This step requires very sharp scissors!
  • Adhere a piece of red sticky tape along the back of the 2" long piece of ribbon
  • Pull off the protective covering on the tape and adhere your ribbon to the black cardstock so that the ribbon end (opposite the banner end) hangs over the edge of the black cardstock just slightly AND there is about 1/4" of black space from the top edge (so you have some room to adjust the black cardstock strip when you adhere it to the card front at the end)
  • Use the edge of the black cardstock and your sharp scissors to trim the ribbon exactly to the edge
  • Add additional ribbon strips approx. 1/8" apart until you get near the end of the length of black cardstock NOTE: Check the length of the black cardstock against your card length to see where to stop the last piece of ribbon (You may need to trim your card slightly to achieve ideal spacing on that last ribbon.)
  • Adhere the black cardstock to your card, trim it at the top and bottom as needed and add additional embellishments as shown
Experiment with different patterns, textures, colors, widths and ribbon with text!
...and a big shout out to REALLY REASONABLE RIBBONS.... I just entered this card into their latest ribbon challenge! Visit their cool blog and store websites at: