Happy Dancing

Happy Dancing

Friday, December 5, 2014

Snowmen Pins and Favors!

I saw this wonderful idea for a Christmas favor using gum:

Stamp & Scrap with Frenchie: Snowman Gum Cover and little Face includes how-to video tutorial

I found Eclipse Gum to use for this project which comes in foil-pack rectangles:

I cut one sleeve of the gum in half to practice making the faces with a thin tip black Sharpie, some orange card stock for the carrot noses and some Tombow Multi Mono Liquid Glue. Here are the two variations I made to see what I liked best:

I think I like the skinny snowman version better and so did my creative consultant - my husband! Thank you, Pinterest! To make the carrot noses uniform in size, take a strip of orange paper and cut out small triangles as shown below:

I made a purse from some red envelopes with plastic windows already in them and put the snowmen inside:

I purchased the envelopes from THE RAFT years ago. They came with writing down the side, so I used some Mrs. Grossman's nutcraker stickers to cover the black printing...and my wonderful neighbor, Ava, came over recently to make some Christmas-themed paper crafts with me! 

This 9-year-old paper crafter extraordinaire made some of these snowmen, too. Because Dentyne ICE gum was on sale, we made our snowman using their Winter Chill and Artic Chill flavors because these two varieties have clear (vs. colored) plastic over the gum pieces:

We made several additional projects including this flower for a gift bag that I saw on Pinterest. 

It's made with three paper napkins! I discovered that the thinner paper napkins work best. The white one above was made with Costco's cocktail napkins. Here are the instructions:

Attach this flower to a gift or gift bag * So easy to follow tutorial * I added green leaves to mine * DIY Paper Napkin Flower - Gift topper

...and here's a pin for making larger flowers:

DIY Tissue Paper Topper Tutorial | Ellinée | handcraft your life

Unfortunately, the original pins take you to broken links, so you have to follow the pics in the photos above. Just click on the photos to view it at a larger size. Click HERE for some how-to info. on making leaves for these flowers...and here's another project we made from an idea I saw on Pinterest - GRINCH PILLS:

This are the pins that started our Grinch Pill project:

Grinch Pills - Pinned by @PediaStaff – Please visit http://ht.ly/63sNt for all (hundreds of) our pediatric therapy pins
Original Pin HERE

Enchanted Ladybug Creations: Snowman Poops & Grinch Pills.. 8-)
Original Pin HERE

And finally...a clever snowman tag idea from the very talented Becky Roberts on her Inking Idado blog:

 Original Pin HERE

These little snowman made me so happy! I decided to make a snowman tag with supplies I already had for a card I was giving to a friend:

When I looked back at Becky's snowmen, I realized the red bow needed to be changed to compliment the rest of the tag colors...

As I studied my finished tag, I knew it needed just one more element....a small snowflake on the left side and it finally looked just right!

It's interesting to see how small simple changes like a bow color and a single snowflake can make a BIG difference!