Happy Dancing

Happy Dancing

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Ribbon Wreath Revisited

I recently found a post on Pinterest that made me smile BIG TIME...it was a picture of a lovely framed mini Christmas quilt with a ribbon wreath added in the center for the "O" in JOY....and it was a pin from my oh! so talented friend, quilter, teacher and paper crafter Julie Cefalu on her blog called THE CRAFTY QUILTER! It's like a celebrity sighting when I see a Pinterest picture showing something that a friend of mine has created =)

...and this post was especially exciting because she said in her post that she had learned how to do the ribbon weaving technique from little ole' me! I use this technique for putting Christmas wreaths on cards. You can see samples of the ribbon wreath used for cards below and watch my how-to video to give it a try yourself! First up is Julie's card:

The following two cards are some of my favorite Christmas cards of all time:

for more ribbon wreath card samples and here's
my video tutorial so you can do it, too!

...and here is a Christmas card I made
with some of the supplies my WONDERFUL
friend Mel recently gave to me:

The Envelope:

Love those cute little 3-D reindeer
stickers from Sandylion!