Happy Dancing

Happy Dancing

Friday, May 27, 2016

Father's Day Cards and the
Very Best of Pinterest Pins

Father's Day will soon be here and I found the perfect card to make for the dads in our family:

Original Pin HERE

My Version:

To make the shirt collar with the gray pattern on it, I cut down 1 1/2" in the center and the white shirt collar was made by cutting down 1" in the center. I wish I had attached the white shirt paper to the printed paper first before adhering to the black layer so the edges would have aligned a bit better.

This WOW! card has a moving
camera shutter effect inside:

Telescope card with fantastic video and list of measurements:
Original Pin HERE

Sandi includes a terrific video tutorial that is a must watch and she even included all of the measurements below the video on her blog post HERE. The inside shutter effect will surely cause the recipients to say WOW! 

My Version:

...and here's a little video I made to quickly
show how this card works...click HERE then click
on the little play icon in the upper right corner.

It did take me a time or two to perfect a template for the inside moving parts as shown below. It also helps to lay the inside parts in the card before attaching to see if adjustments are needed. Placing the 1/4" sticky tape close to - but not on - the fold/score line is also helpful.

My sister's 60th birthday is in June. She loves blue and this is the card I made her:

I got the idea from my walk down
Memory Lane HERE:

KT Hom Designs:
Original Pin HERE

to one terrific sister!