Happy Dancing

Happy Dancing

Sunday, April 13, 2014


I have a neighbor, Ava, who loves making crafts as much as I do, and we get together from time-to-time to have some fun with some of my paper crafting toys. It's truly amazing how quickly she learns new things, pays attention to the details and can look at a sample then make it her own! Today, she came over for some craft time and was happy to find that one of my buddies, Mel, had dropped off some things just for her =) 

In just a little time, Ava had made a bunch of projects and was eager to drop off some bunny car racers that she made for her two friends across the street. 

Twinkies, peeps, Jelly Bellies and marshmallows are always a treat for kids of any age - including my twenty-something sons! 

Ava makes my heart happy to see how much she enjoys the creative process and how much she enjoys seeing the final product --- now that's the sign of a true crafter! Today I learned about rubber band loom bracelets and baskets from Ava. Remember those pot holders we made back in the 60's? The look of the items made with this rubber band loom reminds me of those pot holders! I wish I had taken a close-up pic of Ava's beautiful rainbow bracelet she made and was wearing today. It looked a bit like one I found on Google:

I'm so lucky to have someone right next door who shares my love of crafting and who helps me use up some of my supplies so I can justify buying the next new paper crafting toy I see! Thanks, Ava (...and thanks to your mom for letting me post these pics of you on my site)!