Happy Dancing

Happy Dancing

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Here are some of the pics from our fun night with the Card Chicks. I saw these Easter treats on Pinterest and had to try making some myself:
Bunny Racers
Close Up
Best vanilla cupcakes on the planet...plus
...we had a delicious blueberry
cake from Rina!
 Arielle and Kevin
 The Birthday Girl!
Kev and Rina!
 Me and Rina
 Pics by Kev
 A Selfie with Aunt Janie!
Christie, Tiff, Rachel and Michele
Katie and Janie
...and here are the wonderful favors:

Inside Rachel's egg were some
candies that I used
to make this display: 

Today, Rina showed me her
latest creation for
someone at her office
getting married:
SO Clever!