Happy Dancing

Happy Dancing

Friday, September 13, 2013


The Magic Envelope Card www.stampladee.com

I saw this oh! so cool way to make a Magic Envelope Card by Deb Valder on Pinterest! See her video pin HERE. She uses the new diagonal score board from SU, but I don't have it...so I modified the directions to make this same project on a standard score board --- mine is by Martha Stewart. Begin with an 8 1/2"x 11" piece of DSP - then mark and score your paper as shown in the pics below:

Along the 11" side, mark a point at 1/8", 6" and 7 7/8".

Turn paper 90 degrees to the 8 1/2" side and
mark a point at 5" and 5 5/8".

Turn paper 90 degrees to the 11" side and
mark a point at 3 5/8 and 4".

Turn paper to the 8 1/2" side and mark at 1 5/8".

Now connect with score lines as follows:
3 5/8" to 1/8" marks (To the point instead of 
1/8" works best actually!)
6" to 5 5/8" marks
5" to 4" marks

NOTE: I have drawn a line straight down the center of my score board at the 4 1/4" and 6" point with a Sharpie marker. 

The 6" line helps me score between two marks very easily and accurately. (I also have a Sharpie line drawn at the 4 1/4" mark. The 4 1/4" line helps me quickly locate the point where I need to score my 8 1/2" x 11" papers in half in order to make two cards very quickly. After scoring in half, I turn the paper 90 degrees and cut the paper at 5 1/2" to make two blank card bases.) Here is what the final sheet should look like when all score lines have been made: 

Then simply follow the folding instructions in the video HERE
and begin by folding along the score line shown
by the arrow below so that the lower right corner 
(the largest side of the paper) folds inward:

As Deb shows in her video, double-sided DSP
works perfectly for this project.