Happy Dancing

Happy Dancing

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Golfing Card for Dad's Birthday

It's my dad's birthday this week and he's an avid golfer. Even at 83 he still plays twice a week - GO DAD! I found the saying online and it gave him a chuckle. 

and the envelope using a mask and sponging...

Here is the inspiration for this card that I saw on Pinterest:

For this slider card, I used a new simplified method. It's an awesome version of the slider cards that were popular several years ago and this technique also uses Zip Loc bags for the slider mechanism - GENIUS! After making this type of card several times, I did discover that both the crease and the overlap in the plastic have to be placed properly so that the card slides effortlessly. (Make sure that the crease and the overlap on the plastic bag do not slide over any edges when the panels move.)

Slider Card Tutorial: