Happy Dancing

Happy Dancing

Friday, March 4, 2016

Little Boxes and the
Very Best of Pinterest Pins

These little boxes below had me smiling from ear-to-ear after I found this FANTASTIC project and video tutorial. You can stack them or make individual boxes:

Original Pin HERE

Papercraft With Crafty: Cute Ice Cube Box with Pull-Out Drawer:

Click HERE to go to the actual blog page or visit tinyurl.com/boxtower --- This is such a creative idea and they really are pretty darn easy to make once you see the video! The technique to make the little ribbon pull is terrific as well.

Here is my version and my
quick reference for measurements,
scoring, cutting and folding:

There is also another lovely card project on
Linda's site and it includes a video, too!:

...and to Juliette...
thanks for making me smile with your
kind words about my cards and blog!