Happy Dancing

Happy Dancing

Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas Crafting and the
Very Best of Pinterest Pins

LOVE this idea with York Peppermint Patties!

mint patty craft | Lastly, some adorable snowman peppermint patties...:
Original Pin HERE

I used Nesties to make a large one, and I bought a package of mints at Walgreens to make a smaller version:

The larger York patties are individually packaged inside the bag, but they are no longer covered tightly in foil and have air in the silver cellophane packaging. See the mint in the foreground in the pic below:

SU Stamp Set: Endless Wishes

...so I poked a small hole with a pin in the packaging on each one to release the air, then I taped the flaps to the center so the ends wouldn't stick out beyond the dark blue scalloped circles.

Here are some more York patty craft ideas on Pinterest:

snowman york peppermint patties...fun!:
Original Pin HERE

Punch Art Snowman over York Peppermint patties.  Great Christmas stocking stuffer or Secret Sis token.:
Original Pin HERE

More Than a Little Ink ... Celebrating creativity with Jan Moxey through the paper arts.: Christmas Cards and More #6 Craft Show Items - More Chocolate Favours:
Original Pin HERE

...and this one made me smile BIG time:

Elizabeth Shaw Mints Angry Bird Favour:
Original Pin HERE

It's the most wonderful time of the year
to bring smiles (via our
paper crafting skills) to those we hold
 close to our hearts!

Happy holiday crafting!